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Your Programme

programme.jpgWe dont do a pay by the hour system - because it seldom works and lacks focus.

We offer a firm price programme with contents agreed with you that progresses towards specific goals for a 10-12 week period.

We agree with you a realistic goals and nutrition and training schedule, (some of which you may like to do by yourself in a local training facility or a home gym). 

Programs typcially include a detailed measurement session at the beginning so that we can track progress, a period of improving movement and nutrition, adding strength and then power and endurance. This may also include sports massage sessions and help with NLP techniques or the use of specialised measuring equipment as appropriate.

Our programmes are personal to you and focussed on helping you be the best you can be. Your programme fits around you and can include all or just some of the services below.

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​Cycle Coaching

If you would like to train for an event or improve your personal best then I can help you with a customised resistance and CV programme which will include performance testing.

We work together to identify key events and provide specifc periodised programmes focussing on each aspect of performance to help you prepare. Our coaching programmes include monthly testing and face to face reviews so you can see and gain confidence that you are progressing. You also have the option to hire from us a top of the range Programmable Lab Ergometer (Computrainer) to use for power testing,  pedal stroke analysis and for precision training sessions. This can be used in conjunction with our online coaching platform where all your training files and results are stored.

​NLP Coaching

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistinc Programming.

It's a technique where we sit down with you and look at what stops you being the person you wish to be. Then we look at personal strategies that you can take away and use to help you ovecome self limiting beliefs and behavious that prevent you from achieving your goals.


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​Online Coaching

If meeting 1-1 or in small groups is not realistic for you, or you simply wish to follow a programme on your own, we offer a custom online coaching platform. Your individual programme is loaded into a personal web space where only you and your coach have access. This contains all your tracking information, nutrition , targets and results. There is a comprehensive private online library of health and fitness articles and exercises. Your programme synchronises with Microsoft outlook and you can access your space from any web browser wherever you are - whether thats PC, Mac, Android tablet or mobile phone.

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​Sports Massage

Sports massage is a form of massage that utilizes specific strokes to help athletes obtain maximum performance and physical conditioning by increasing power, endurance, and mobility - both before and after an event or exercise. Over time, due to training injury or lifestyle factors, we can become less flexible and damage soft tissues. Soft tissue therapy can help by restoring the original movement pattern and improving the pliability and resilience of the affected tissues.

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Managing Back Pain

Lower Back Pain is one of the most common and expensive musculo-skeletal disorders in the World affecting about 80% of adults.85-95% of all back pain cases have no specific underlying cause and there are many assumptions and misconceptions surrounding it.

As a qualified specialist in managing lower back pain we can help you get long term relief from chronic back problems. Rather than opt for the 'quick fix' why not get some of the underlying issues sorted and a stronger back for the future?


Fitness Coaching

Not keen on going to the gym, or familiy commitments make it difficult to get out. We have all the equipment needed for a great workout to help you lose weight, get fitter or train for an event. Exercising outside is great, especially if you spend all day in an office.

Our monthly fitness packages include the option to train outside at home (or at the office). Some people find it a great way to start the day and we operate all year round.

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Performance Assessments

In order to function at its best, your body has to do deliver carbohydrates and body fats to working muscles together with oxygen to release energy. A metabolic profile helps us to understand all these and can then be used to personalise and optimise your training programme.

We also perform detailed pedal stroke analysis and performance assessments using a computer controlled cycle ergometer.

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Kinesio Tape

The application of Kinesio Tape is a modern way to assist acute injury by reducing pain and assisting lymphatic flow and restore correct movement patterns. It works by  enhancing proprioceptive feedback to the brain to control and restore movement. I use both Kinesio Tape and Spider Tape pre-forms.

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Training Videos and Computrainer Workouts

First person video of real cycle rides and races. The videos come with on screen prompts for training. If you have a Computrainer, workout files and course gradient files are included in the package.  

Why not try a virtual ride somewhere different this year?






Team Winter Training

CompuTrainer MultiRider systems provide a new, exciting and technically superior method of indoor GROUP bike training and racing.  Training with real POWER measurements is a superior way to train as it takes all the guesswork out of programmes, puts purpose into training and leads to faster and measurable results.  Our fully mobile team training facility is the only one of its kind in the UK and can be deployed in a local hall or fitness studio for up to 6 riders simultaneously.

With our mobile team training package you can, undertake a professional team based power, training programme, simulate a real event event using real GPS data, perform a detailed pedal stroke and biomechamical assessment, practice a Team Time Trial, train using the actual team bikes, optimise team member cadence, obtain a detailed pedal stroke analysis for each team member, assess team members progress accurately, full reports of team members performance for each event can be produced to track progress